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Ready? Set, CLICK! April 17, 2010

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Ok after a year and a half or reading, learning studying, practicing, playing loosing and winning few measly

checks. i have come to realise online marketing is for me. matterfact its all i want to do for the next 5 years of

my life n i do well then its permanent so long as the industry is going.

to say that online marketing is easy is self deceiption, to say that it is impossible to make money online is self


i know i can do it and anyone can do this who apply themself and who have the qualities. for the first time in my

life i found my way to something and i know i hit a jackpot b4 hitting the jackpot. The incredible freedom online

marketing gives is why i hoped on the train. but not freedom without work, there is work. Matterfact i worked more

than ever, and i slept less than ever and my sleeping schedule became more irregular than now after the chaos comes

the reorder and balancing of my lifestyle. Am taking it fulltime and full focus.  after a year of cutting through

the bs, studying the industry as far as i can understand at my current level, buying softwares n tools and


 my motto at the moment is Ready? Set, Click! 

i will click my way to the bank, i will click my way to the blackcard, i will clickmyway to affiliate summit, i

promised my self i will make it this august (hopefully) , and i will click my way to freedom, i will click my way

through the jungles of bs and reach the land of the living affiliates and super affiliates.Amen.

here i come. this year i get the chance to finally apply all i’ve learned, and i realize the time management and

self discipline necessary is no joke at all. but i know i can do this, otherwise i would’ve give up long ago.

Requirements i came to notice along the way so far ,

  • A solid unflinching Will
  • A endlessly Creative Mind
  • Innovation Innovation Innovation
  • Gotta Be death n shut down the negativity you’ll hear…another form of mental time waste
  • Avoid time wasters, n energy wasters, online marketing muggles like the plague or else they’ll assimilate you back into the matrix of non-productivity.
  • gotta be more Ready than a bull who sees red.
  • gotta see opportunity everywhere in everything through everyone daily n nightly , even where others see shut and closed doors
  • Don’t Distract yourself
  • manage your time and your money wisely
  • and much more

on this site i will leave trail footprints of my path to supperaffiliate freedom 🙂 n hopefully inspire n encourage

others who have the qualities that it is ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT. Kapish? am out. Now back to work. lol.



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