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Cutting Through the Bs N exponential growth May 2, 2010

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There’s tons of bs along the way. While on one side there is so much information that it overwhelms would be marketers, there is also alot of genuine and useful information. Some of it seems intended to keep one numb and stuck, in the hamster cage trap, while some of it really helps one have Exponential growth. for everyone i think is maintaining long enough, while learning, and applyng cutting through the Bs and discarding the Bs and and eventually beeing able to always recognize it and see it for what it is: simply one stage of the process. once things outgrown are thrown away, and the consistency and motivation is still there. it all gets better. on this Blog i put a strong Emphasis continuing regardless and organizing one’s lifestyle to fit one’s goals. Sacrifices made along the way pay off big time. After all once you learn of online marketing,  you start to recognize marketing and advertisements in action everywhere, online and offline. once develop this perspective view in day to day living, how can you stay not inspired?

for me the hardest part was when i reached temporary “ceilings” and as my own mind frame in general changed permanently to the point of no return, i start to notice what would make someone not progress or success:

  • beeing caught by the seduction bs of one carrot after another
  • giving up after few setbacks
  • having a grand vision and understanding partly how it would all piece together, yet beeing extremely slow at implementing
  • financial difficulties and lack investment cash
  • lost motivation after all the tools, resources and financial aspect is ready and gathered.

So please don’t be discouraged. Find first of all what kind of marketing you ant to do? what kind of advertising methods you want to use? Media Buy? PPC? CPV? Offline Marketing? Online Marketing?

you have to believe that you can make sells, that you can get leads, that you can monetize your chosen niche. You have to be steady, with a strong will and a sharp mind. that is one of the many Ingredients i find helpful that endures everything. Perseverance and a Strong will is the sword that will cut through all the Bs.



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