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Wealth Muscle Cashflow workout May 12, 2010

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It’s Spring and soon to be summer, seasons shifting, the cashflow is shifting and shuffling from large hands to small hands, distant lands to near by local communities, Globaly and all over the world, wealth is circulating constantly and never stops. It’s always the perfect time to Exercise those Wealth Muscles, but especially right now. i recently came accross something called the Pareto 80/20 Law, am sure some of you have heard about it. in a Nut shell its all about Time management, many times i found my self doing my priorities like this 20/80 now its like this 80/20 meaning priorities at 80 and all else at 20 ratio. I see a huge major change. Definitely feel a pull in the right direction as far as Time management. This blog will be undergoing some major changes n upgrades and customization very soon 🙂

 as am shuffling and lining up all the probabilities… n doing market research. Quite a busy schedule, but for the first time i actually love what i do to such a degree that time fly’s by almost unoticed sometimes, does that mean i love the challenges too , hell yea offcourse , are there bonuses and rewards, hell yea. I encourage all you online marketers to get the wheel rolling and keep moving forward wether its article marketing, cpa, ppc, ppv, cpv, whatever is your stance and approach , i encourage you to save, invest and outsource. For me i’ve noticed two sides to the internet world, the Surfers and the ones who create the places to surf and what to surf about for the surfers. if you are a marketer you’re the latter, can still be the former partially but not beeing distracted while actively staying updated helps. this will work out your wealth muscle and also as your revenue increase and you’re convinced  “wow i can really do a killing with online marketing constantly”. Online marketing and all its freedom and joys and pros comes at a price, its not easy , it can be made to seem easy , it can eventually be EASIER with the right implementation.  but does it work? as sure as i am the sun will be here tomorow, online marketing brings some serious cash for those who bypass the barriers and imaginary ceilings created by their own minds and beliefs. that will be another subject for another time…



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