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Wealth Muscle Cashflow workout May 12, 2010

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It’s Spring and soon to be summer, seasons shifting, the cashflow is shifting and shuffling from large hands to small hands, distant lands to near by local communities, Globaly and all over the world, wealth is circulating constantly and never stops. It’s always the perfect time to Exercise those Wealth Muscles, but especially right now. i recently came accross something called the Pareto 80/20 Law, am sure some of you have heard about it. in a Nut shell its all about Time management, many times i found my self doing my priorities like this 20/80 now its like this 80/20 meaning priorities at 80 and all else at 20 ratio. I see a huge major change. Definitely feel a pull in the right direction as far as Time management. This blog will be undergoing some major changes n upgrades and customization very soon 🙂

 as am shuffling and lining up all the probabilities… n doing market research. Quite a busy schedule, but for the first time i actually love what i do to such a degree that time fly’s by almost unoticed sometimes, does that mean i love the challenges too , hell yea offcourse , are there bonuses and rewards, hell yea. I encourage all you online marketers to get the wheel rolling and keep moving forward wether its article marketing, cpa, ppc, ppv, cpv, whatever is your stance and approach , i encourage you to save, invest and outsource. For me i’ve noticed two sides to the internet world, the Surfers and the ones who create the places to surf and what to surf about for the surfers. if you are a marketer you’re the latter, can still be the former partially but not beeing distracted while actively staying updated helps. this will work out your wealth muscle and also as your revenue increase and you’re convinced  “wow i can really do a killing with online marketing constantly”. Online marketing and all its freedom and joys and pros comes at a price, its not easy , it can be made to seem easy , it can eventually be EASIER with the right implementation.  but does it work? as sure as i am the sun will be here tomorow, online marketing brings some serious cash for those who bypass the barriers and imaginary ceilings created by their own minds and beliefs. that will be another subject for another time…


Cutting Through the Bs N exponential growth May 2, 2010

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There’s tons of bs along the way. While on one side there is so much information that it overwhelms would be marketers, there is also alot of genuine and useful information. Some of it seems intended to keep one numb and stuck, in the hamster cage trap, while some of it really helps one have Exponential growth. for everyone i think is maintaining long enough, while learning, and applyng cutting through the Bs and discarding the Bs and and eventually beeing able to always recognize it and see it for what it is: simply one stage of the process. once things outgrown are thrown away, and the consistency and motivation is still there. it all gets better. on this Blog i put a strong Emphasis continuing regardless and organizing one’s lifestyle to fit one’s goals. Sacrifices made along the way pay off big time. After all once you learn of online marketing,  you start to recognize marketing and advertisements in action everywhere, online and offline. once develop this perspective view in day to day living, how can you stay not inspired?

for me the hardest part was when i reached temporary “ceilings” and as my own mind frame in general changed permanently to the point of no return, i start to notice what would make someone not progress or success:

  • beeing caught by the seduction bs of one carrot after another
  • giving up after few setbacks
  • having a grand vision and understanding partly how it would all piece together, yet beeing extremely slow at implementing
  • financial difficulties and lack investment cash
  • lost motivation after all the tools, resources and financial aspect is ready and gathered.

So please don’t be discouraged. Find first of all what kind of marketing you ant to do? what kind of advertising methods you want to use? Media Buy? PPC? CPV? Offline Marketing? Online Marketing?

you have to believe that you can make sells, that you can get leads, that you can monetize your chosen niche. You have to be steady, with a strong will and a sharp mind. that is one of the many Ingredients i find helpful that endures everything. Perseverance and a Strong will is the sword that will cut through all the Bs.

Ready? Set, CLICK! April 17, 2010

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Ok after a year and a half or reading, learning studying, practicing, playing loosing and winning few measly

checks. i have come to realise online marketing is for me. matterfact its all i want to do for the next 5 years of

my life n i do well then its permanent so long as the industry is going.

to say that online marketing is easy is self deceiption, to say that it is impossible to make money online is self


i know i can do it and anyone can do this who apply themself and who have the qualities. for the first time in my

life i found my way to something and i know i hit a jackpot b4 hitting the jackpot. The incredible freedom online

marketing gives is why i hoped on the train. but not freedom without work, there is work. Matterfact i worked more

than ever, and i slept less than ever and my sleeping schedule became more irregular than now after the chaos comes

the reorder and balancing of my lifestyle. Am taking it fulltime and full focus.  after a year of cutting through

the bs, studying the industry as far as i can understand at my current level, buying softwares n tools and


 my motto at the moment is Ready? Set, Click! 

i will click my way to the bank, i will click my way to the blackcard, i will clickmyway to affiliate summit, i

promised my self i will make it this august (hopefully) , and i will click my way to freedom, i will click my way

through the jungles of bs and reach the land of the living affiliates and super affiliates.Amen.

here i come. this year i get the chance to finally apply all i’ve learned, and i realize the time management and

self discipline necessary is no joke at all. but i know i can do this, otherwise i would’ve give up long ago.

Requirements i came to notice along the way so far ,

  • A solid unflinching Will
  • A endlessly Creative Mind
  • Innovation Innovation Innovation
  • Gotta Be death n shut down the negativity you’ll hear…another form of mental time waste
  • Avoid time wasters, n energy wasters, online marketing muggles like the plague or else they’ll assimilate you back into the matrix of non-productivity.
  • gotta be more Ready than a bull who sees red.
  • gotta see opportunity everywhere in everything through everyone daily n nightly , even where others see shut and closed doors
  • Don’t Distract yourself
  • manage your time and your money wisely
  • and much more

on this site i will leave trail footprints of my path to supperaffiliate freedom 🙂 n hopefully inspire n encourage

others who have the qualities that it is ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT. Kapish? am out. Now back to work. lol.

Exponential cashflow potential. January 10, 2010

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happy new year and i wish everyone a year of wealth prosperity and abundance. for online marketers this year will be a killing for us, many new millionaires to be. i invite you all to this wonderful world for both beginners and seasoned online affiliate marketers, its a industry that gives full recession proof and worryless lifestyle.  i will be sharing and guiding and directing to information and knowledge necessary for someone to be successful in the world.  updates coming soon. many tools and information will be shared where individuals can learn step by step methods to be successful in this wonderful industry. the internet will take over the world, all industries will be forced to have a virtual and internet side. and thats when we come in. online marketing can set you free and give you a lifestyle of financial freedom and health and wealth and prosperity most will only sit and day dream about.  i will even post pictures of my paychecks here to help inspire and motivate others.  cheers to the creative money maker lifestyle.

Now or Never? September 19, 2009

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affiliate-marketingMany Times so much is learned and read and bought but when do i start to apply? enough of it, i dedicate my self to apply all that i learn constantly and learn from the experience and practice as much as the theoretical and information. you just gotta get your feet wet instead of reading what it feels like in 50 books. as aspiring affiliate marketer i see this all the time. and now that i implement what i learn am actually startinig to see some difference and revenue comming in…but i still have a long way to hit the $1 Million. jackpot goal. so my advice to everyone is don’t just read read read, but also do some applying everyone once in a while and gradually move it to a constant applying all the time. it really pays off…big time. hardwork work pays off, and outsourcing and leverage pays off big time. as affiliate marketer the potential for wealth and revenue is incredibly but also the potential for a downfall and loss is there aswell. the keyword here is knowledge, application of whats learned, caution, forward and retreat, and patience, and riding the ups and downs. what i love about affiliate marketing is i can work from anywhere i can be anywhere and work be self employed so long as i have internet and laptop and all the softwares and hardware and tools i need, which can really fit in a laptop case. i can be my own boss anywhere i am. with a cell phone and a bank account and paypal accont to compliment what i listed above i am good to go. so i see this is my route to wealth and prosperity so i will dedicate my self to it fully, i suggest all aspiring affiliate marketers put dedication as well because it will definitely pay off….

Finding the Hidden Gems? how? September 2, 2009

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in life everyone have a journey of sort where they have to find something that fulfills their desires. lets just call it the “Hidden Gems”. the journey to find the hidden gems starts as a realization that something is missing. the hidden gems require alot of digging. how is it to randomly find a diamond laying around, its not easy. well, but the fun part is the journey itself and the process of the coming and the going. am on my way to find my hidden gems….and i will be digging and digging and find all sorts of things, while digging somethings are so worthless it makes you want to just quit right? but nah, that’s exactly when you should pursue further and put more creativity to it and approach from different situations and angles. i will find my hidden gems and build my money tree for long term self reliance and long term wealth and prosperity.

Millionaire path: Self Employed vs Employee? August 17, 2009

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I am on a path, The Path To Prosperity wealth and Abundance, Namely the Millionaire path. That on the right is the goal, but this path is a journey, on this blog i will record my checkpoints along the path, my achievments and discuss commerce, finance, and business. all wealth and prosperity and money in local and global levels will be discussed here. my purpose of doing this is not so much for the money and reaching the goal, but mostly as a self challenge, all the rest that comes along with me becoming a millioanire is just Bonuses. feel free to join me on this Millionaire journey if you like.

Who wants to be Millionaire? August 12, 2009

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everyone almost, on this blog we will discuss wealth, prosperity and the many ways individuals become wealthy and prosperous and the many routes and avenues of creative money making.

Hello world! August 12, 2009

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